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Deeper Than Read started from a typical Saturday morning conversation between two best friends, F.Y.I. and Maria Marshall, who also happen to be husband and wife. One Saturday morning as usual the couple ate breakfast, laughed at the latest tea on social media, read some scriptures, and finally discussed why the world is so messed up.


Does that sound familiar to you? If it does then you’ll understand the foundation of how these everyday table talks birthed a motivation to shed some light in what appears to be a very dark world at times.


Deeper Than Read is designed to spark conversation amongst all walks of life; classmates, co-workers, and comrades alike. The goal is to bring an often times overlooked topic such as African American History and reimagine the subject in a new animated way. Also the intent is to take meaty socio-political subjects and chop them into digestible audio-visual soundbites perfect for today’s hyper stimulated society.


On the other hand, the short narrated videos are not intended to revise or reduce the complexities of the collective experience of black folk in the Western World rather to encourage people to revisit this rich past to understand that there is more to what has been to recorded in books. That “more” is at the heart of today’s politics, culture and social climate.


Unbeknown to many that “more” can also be the key to reconciliation, understanding and a genuine love for one another. In conclusion, the content is perfect for those in school, educators, parents, parishioners, and those curious to hear historical subjects in a new engaging way.


Welcome to Deeper Than Read!

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Dive into the past to make waves of change to the future.

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